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Monday 6-29-15

July is almost here. That means the CrossFit Games are on the way! Who would like to watch as a group?!

Also, in July, we’re running a special. If any one of you (members) bring in 2 people and they sign up for a minimum of one full month* then you will get your month for FREE! We’d be telling all our friends if we were you….get to chatting.

*if they begin mid-month, they are prorated, which means they need to sign up for the following month, which would mean a “full month”

Fundamentals and Performance classes, next week we begin retesting. You guys be sure to be recovering right, eating right, and training right. Consistency pays off and we’ll see it on paper, no doubt.

Swink Sweat Skill: -Deadlift

4×5:00 Rounds with 2:00 rest -150m Row -7 Deadlifts -10 Box Jumps

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Skill/Strength: -Squat Clean -Build to a workout weight

2 Rounds of: -7 Squat Cleans -800m Run

Core: -3×1:00 Hollow Rocks

Swink Performance -Glute Strength

Strength: -Find heavy 5 Rep Back Squat for the day -1×5 @90% -2×5 @80%

4 Rounds of: – :30 sec of Front Rack Lunges – :30 sec of Thrusters – :30 sec rest

Core: -3×1:00 Hollow Rocks


Our stand makes us so official!

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