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Monday 6-23-14

There are going to be some changes coming. Starting in July, we will be making small changes to our schedule and the integration of checking-in to classes.

So, the 5:30am class and the 9am class have been small, uncharacteristically small. Because of this, we want and need commitment for these classes from you all. This means we may have you all start using an app on your phone, which will allow you to reserve classes, which also tells us that you’ll be present on that day.

As far as schedule change, we will let you know what that looks like when we come to a decision, just giving you all a heads up.

Swink Fundamentals -Skill: Ring Rows & Double Unders

10 Rounds of: -6 Ring Rows (as tough as possible) -1:00 Double Under attempts

Swink Performance -Strength: 3×8 Back Squats, 23X2 @70-75%

4×2:00 Rounds: -1:15 to run 150m and max burpees -:45 sec rest


The group that braved the run, even those who didn’t want to do it!

“If you never do the things that scare you, please, tell me how you plan to progress forward”

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