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Monday 6-2-14

June is here! This means a few things. Don’t forget that membership is due by the 3rd. We have been getting a few late payments, and while we will work with you as best we can, unfortunately we will enforce a late fee this month and continue to enforce it. The second thing is a whole new approach to your workouts! This is exciting for us and we hope you are excited too! We just keep evolving to make you all stronger and faster versions of your current self.

Also, SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE GYM AND ALL THAT WE DO. Bring a friend, have them sign up and they get a discount and so will you. We reward you for bringing in your friends! This month we will do “Bring-A-Friend Day” EVERY TUESDAY. Get your friends there so they can see what we’re all about.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill & Strength: -5×5 Back Squat

4 Rounds of: -150m Run -15 Dumbbell Swings -15 Box Jumps

Swink Performance Today, we just lift! -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -5×5 Back Squats, @65%-70%, tempo-32X0

Snatch, 3×@60%, 3×@70%, 3×2@80%

Romanian Deadlifts, 4×5, slow decent


We are going overhead today…Joleen is ready!

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