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Monday 6-12-17

Ok guys, starting a new week and we’re ready to train! But first, make sure to help us in congratulating Austin and his wife Bailey and Dalton and Ashleigh on their marriages. They both got married this past Saturday and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Here we go:

Swink Sweat

EMOTM for 20:00


-3 Burpees

-10 DB Split Squats, left


-3 Burpees

-10 DB Snatch, left

Next time you go through, use the right side

Swink Fundamentals

-Glute Strength


-4×2 Back Squats, first set at 85% and go up based on feel

-4×5 Strict Chinups+Max Hold after last rep

6:00 For Reps:

-20 Calorie Bike

-30 Burpees over paralettes

-40 Pullups, RX+(C2B)

-Max Air Squats with remaining time


-3×Max Strict T2B

The happy couples.

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