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Monday 6-1-15

No more rain!!!  You know what that means….WE GOIN OUTSIDEEEE!  We had a plan for the week, then we had a plan IF it wasn’t going to rain….so it’s on.

Also, as of now, there will be no 5:30am class this week and more than likely throughout the summer. Thanks got understanding guys.

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Strength

Skill/Strength: 5-5-5-5, Back Squat, heaviest for each set

Skill: -Pushups

Complete the following: -800m Run -30 Pushups -80 AbMat Situps

Swink Performance -Hip Strength

Strength: -Take 12:00 to find a heavy 3 rep ok Back Squat

EMOTM for 15:00 -1 Back Squat (80% from above) -2 Pullups/C2B -4 Pushups/Deficit Pushups

Core: -3×20 Hip Extensions on GHD

We were maxed out this past Saturday!  Come back again this Saturday, let’s max it out again.


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