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Monday 5-8-17

Alright everyone, starting June 1st, enough is enough. No more reasons not to succeed with nutrition. For far too long we have not enforced food and it’s importance enough and June 1st that changes. You are going to be taking a bigger responsibility for your health and what goes in your body. Start prepping for this as WE ARE ALL going to be involved, not just those training for something. More on this later, but know you will be cooking, you will be planning and you will be in the best shape of your life.

Also, Memorial Day is coming up, which means we will be doing our annual Murph workout! More details on that as well.

Swink Sweat

For Time (22:00 cutoff)

-100m Row

-10 Speed Skaters

-1 Wall Walk

Add to each round (Rd2 =200/20/2 and so on)

Swink Fundamentals

We‘re back to the grind, back to squats and lifting after the week off from them. Get ready!

-Core Activation


Back Squats

-1×3 @80%, 2×2 @82.5%, 3×1 @85%

For Time (11:00 cutoff)


-Strict Pullups


-Squat Clean, RX (155/115) RX+(225/135)

Get em Big Waaaayne!

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