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Monday 5-27-13

Tomorrow is a special day. We get to honor all of those who have passed away in our Armed Forces. We are honoring them by doing one specific Hero workout (more on that later).  We also get to start a road of training with the goal being Regionals. We have been more inspired than ever after attending the Regionals this year, so be ready! We also get to come together again as a community, where support is going to be on high!  While doing our Hero workout, we will also have our friends from All or Nothing and CoreFit coming down and doing the workout with us.

The gym will be open from 2-5pm and we will be doing Murph as soon as possible as it may take some time to finish.  You do not have to do this workout either. We will have a few options for you at the gym.

Swink Fundamentals “1/2 Murph” For Time: -800m Run -50 Pullups -100 Pushups -150 Squats -800m Run

Swink Performance “Murph” For Time: -1 Mile Run -100 Pullups -200 Pushups -300 Squats -1 Mile Run


The 15ft ropes the athletes had to climb…its going to be a tough and long climb, but we have a goal and plan to do everything to make it happen!

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