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Monday 5-23-16

What a week last week was, a tough one for sure.

The end of this month is bringing on some fun events that we need to keep you up to date on.

(1) Monday, May 30th, Memorial Day As tradition, we will be taking on Murph, the Hero workout. It is something like a right of passage and a great way to honor the fallen heroes. We will be starting the workout around 10am but you’re more than welcome to come a bit later because it will be going on for a while.

(2) Monday, May 30th, Memorial Day Immediately following Murph, we will head over to Mike and Lauren Hatcher’s place as they welcome us to come swim and have a little get together. We were promised a bonfire as well….so don’t miss out!

Swink Sweat EMOTM for 16:00 Odd Rounds: -3 Back Squats Even Rounds: -12 DB Swings

Swink Fundamentals We are having a test strength and accessory strength day today, so real laid back!

Strength: -Work contact points and the pulls of the Clean -Find a tough 1 Rep Squat Clean

4 Sets of: -Max DB Seated Presses (on the floor) -15 DB Bent Over Rows

-3×20sec Chinup Holds, weighted if possible

-3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions

Swink Performance Following Fundamentals, not before (you want to be as fresh as possible going into the Squat Clean)

For Time: -21 Thrusters -21 Pullups Rest 1:00 -15 Thrusters -15 Chest 2 Bar Rest 1:00 -9 Thrusters -9 Bar Muscle-Ups (can be modified, just ask how)

Death By: -Unbroken 6-10 Toes 2 Bar (explanation at the gym)


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