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Monday 5-20-13

Thank you to all who came out to the second South Bound Throwdown, it was awesome to see your support in what we are doing!  Those who didn’t show….you have 100 Burpees to do!  200 if you actually told us you’d be there!  😉

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Pullups 3×10 Negative Pullups

3 Rounds for time: -10 Pullups -5 Burpees -10 Box Jumps -5 Burpees -10 Dumbbell Thrusters -5 Burpees

Swink Performance 3×5 Back Squat 3×5 Press

6:00 AMRAP -200m Row -5 HSPU -5 Burpees 2:00 Rest 6:00 AMRAP -Barbell Complex (3 Deadlifts, 1 Power Clean, 1 Hang Clean, 3 Front Squats, 1 Jerk)* *This sequence equals 1 rep total and should try to be unbroken until the jerk is finished. Use 80% of last Tuesday’s Clean&Jerk for your weight.

Betsy, Austin and I at the Heroes of Midlothian 5K supporting some of our runners and the cause!  Whatcha mean you aint got your summer colors ready?!!

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