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Monday 5-2-16

What a fun time we all had out at Chris and Janie’s Ranch in Alvarado. They’re very gracious for opening their place for us and we had an amazing time.  Thanks again guys! 

What’s next this month?!  REGIONALS!!!! They’re local, here in Dallas and they’re the weekend of May 13-15.  We plan to be there at least Friday and Saturday, but will most likely end up there on Sunday as well. As your coach about it so they can explain more.

Swink Intro -LaCrosse Ball intro -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: -Deadlift Review -Pressing (Strict, Push)

5 Rounds of: -10 Push Press -10 Deadlifts

Swink Sweat 8×1:30 on :30 off -Shuttle Run Even rounds: as many Box Jumps with remaining time Odd rounds: as many DB Snatch with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -Build to tough 5 Rep on OHS

8:00 AMRAP -1 Deadlift, heavy -12 Bar-facing Burpees -24 Double Unders

Core: -2/side 30sec High Plank, 1 arm 1 leg

Swink Performance Before or after Fundamentals: EMOTM for 8:00 -3-5 Muscle Ups

Recover completely

4 Rounds of: -200m Run -10 Chest 2 Bar -5 Power Cleans (165/125)


One of the many things we did at The Ranch. Thanks again guys for having us out!

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