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Monday 5-18-15

Whoa, Regionals man!  What a show!!  We really hope you all got to watch some of it online, if not live. We know we’re motivated/inspired, we hope you are!

Today, during the Fundamentals class, we are celebrating Kristen Lewis’ birthday with her birthday workout. If you can come celebrate it with her during the 6:30pm class, be sure to come on out!  We heard she was bringing cake and/or donuts!  No?…oh, could of swore…

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Strength

Skill/Strength: -Take 12 minutes to find a Heavy 1 Rep on Squat Clean -or- work the skill of Squat Clean

Kristen’s B-Day Workout (5-17-1985) “19:85 AMRAP” (20:25!) 2 Rounds of: -5 Deadlifts  (185/135) -17 Box Jumps (24/20) 2 Rounds of: -5 Cleans (135/85) -17 Double Unders 

Swink Performance -Hip Strength

Strength: -4×3 (1 Power Clean, 1 Squat Clean, 1 Front Squat) all unbroken, heaviest possible for each set -4×12 Band Presses (stand with one band, appropriate resistance, in each hand. Stand on the opposite end by placing the band under your feet. Proceed to press as if doing a normal strict press)

For Time: 21-15-9 -Hang Power Cleans (70% of above weight) -Pullups/Chest 2 Bar *30 Double Unders after each round

A fun and eventful weekend. The next set of regionals are scheduled for this weekend, the 22nd-24th.


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