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Monday 5-15-17

Hope everyone is ready to get this week started with us.

Monday, May 29th is Memorial Day and we plan on doing Murph that morning. We will be doing a class at 9am, just 1, and will be closed the rest of the day. Please talk with your coach if you are worried about this workout, unsure about it, have any questions, etc. We would love to have you all there. If you’re considering it, using a weighted vest is how Murph did it, so you might want to get one ordered.

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds For Time:

-50 Box Jumps

-30 sec Plank

-50 Swings

-30 sec Plank

-50 Lunges

-30 sec Plank

Swink Fundamentals

–Quad Smash


Back Squats

-1×3 @82.5%

-2×2 @85%

-3×1 @87.5%

*1 set every 1:45/2:00

For Time (10:00 cutoff)

-30 Back Rack Lunges, RX (75/55) RX+(115/80)

-20 Strict Pullups

-20 Back Rack Lunges, RX (95/65) RX+(145/100)

-15 Strict Pullups

-10 Back Rack Lunges, RX (115/80) RX+(175/120)

-10 Strict Pullups

*Note: if you do the RX+ weights, you MUST do unassisted Pullups, no bands. Also, modified Pullups will be no bands but instead an additional 10 reps and must be done as ring rows. That is the modification for the day.


-3×Max Hold L-sit

You’re being watched….for no reps!


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