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Monday 5-11-15

We want to make sure for any of you mom’s that didn’t get one of these, then here’s is your Happy Mother’s Day wishes from your Swink Family!

Now, something we have slacked on but will definitely bring up now is the nutrition challenge. We want to not only tell you all who have given it a go how incredibly proud of you we are, but also that we knew you could do it! You’re all strong enough, we knew you could.

Now, going forward with this nutrition. We understand that maybe towards the end of the 4 weeks, maybe indulging or cutting corners gets a bit more common. Maybe not for everyone, but some yes. It’s that easy to lose focus and motivation is the point. We’re here to refocus that motivation and get you to turn that 4 week challenge into a lasting lifestyle. We have 2 more months to improve on this fitness challenge we set out on and damnit we will do better on those tests! But we need your help!!!!

If you want to crush the old you, beat your old test scores, then we need consistency out of you! We need you all to make sure you’re planning those meals, getting to the store and prepping those meals. We need you all to show up to class consistently, practice those skills before or after class or during Open Gym. We want you to strive for the best.

Finally, we have a bit of schedule change this week. We will not be having class Friday night or Saturday. The CrossFit Games South Regional will be taking place this Fri, Sat and Sun. They take place in Dallas this year, at the convention center. We HIGHLY encourage all of you to go if you have an opportunity this weekend. Tickets are on So, instead, we will move Friday classes to Thursday of this week. It is as follows:

Mon – Thurs 5:30a 9a 4:30 5:30 6:30

Fri 5:30a only

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Strength

Skill/Strength: -5×3 Front Squats @75%

EMOTM for 10:00 Odd rounds – 3 Squat Cleans Even rounds – 6 Bar Over Burpees

Core: 3×25 Hollow Rocks

Swink Performance -Hip Strength

Strength: -Front Squats, 2×1 @90%, 3×2 @80%

7×1:00 on/1:00 off -Max Rep Clean and Jerk* *Use the 2nd weight you used on test #4, the clean and jerk ladder.

Core: 3×25 Hollow Rocks


If anyone wants one of these bad boys, we’re placing an order BY WEDNESDAY. You’ll need to pre pay by then. Let us know if you’d like one.

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