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Monday 4-9-18

Monday we start something new. We try something new and we focus on areas we hadn’t before and continue down a path with things that did.

Just commit to this program and we can all hope to benefit from it!

Also, we have a new Member of the Month so click the link here to go check him out.

Swink Sweat

3×5:00 AMRAP with 2:00 Rest

-10-30 Double Unders

-10 Deadlifts

-10 Full Body Crunch

Gymnastics Strength:

-5×Max Chinup Holds

-CrossOver Symmetry

Swink Fundamentals

Warm-up, then,


-Row Technique

Each For Time:

-2×1000m Row Time Trial

*This means these will be done as fast as possible, there is no pacing. This workout should get you to a very uncomfortable place and your goal is to learn to accept it and work through it.

Each one is separated by 10:00-12:00 of rest. If that seems excessive, go as hard as you can and 10:00 will seem short.

Use the count down feature on the rower.

Gymnastics Strength:

-10×3 Hollow Rocks + 1 Plate Transition

-3×5 Pike Pushups + 5 Pushups


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