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Monday 4-3-17

Welcome new month, welcome new program, welcome to a new you. This month, we focus on giving your all everytime, in and out of the gym. No more B.S….cause honestly, no one cares, train harder, or so we’ve heard, haha.

We are trying some new things guys. Some of you who may not know, we do have a “Performance” class on Saturday morning at 8am and then our partner Fundamentals workout at 9:45am. We are adding another training day, to train together, on Thursday. It’ll be another “Performance” class on Thursday, immediately following RomWod at 4:30. Of course, everyone in Fundamentals can come to these classes, no one is off limits, but be prepared to work. Also, on Thurs, you are required to either do RomWod, either before or after the class. Training hard means you must take care of your body.

Second, a few of us have been talking about a track day on Sunday, around late afternoon, early evening, after all the grocery shopping and the meal prep. Somewhere around 4:30/5pm. Anyone is welcome. In case you’re wondering, there will be running.

Think of these additions as a fast track to summer bodies. Hard work pays off and everyone knows it shows. “Let’s goooooo!”

Swink Sweat


-MB Squat Cleans

10 Rounds For Time:

-5 Burpees

-10 MB Squat Cleans

-15 MB Climbers

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


Starting back slow and calm, but here we go:

3 Sets, rest 1:30 between sets

-10 Back Squats, @65%

-Max Chinups, can use a band, but Max Reps is Max Reps….if your chin gets over, do another one

4 Sets, rest between each as needed, not for time but for quality, still fast on the bike!

-1000m Bike

-20 GHD Situps

-20 Box Step Ups, alternating, weighted with DB

So ready for our new Programs!

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