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Monday 4-29-13

A few topics before the workout. 1) Thanks again to everyone who came out to the first South Bound Throwdown and all that helped cook, brought items and stayed to help clean, it means a lot!

2) Did you know we do yoga at Daymes studio and have a class on Saturdays?!  We add these things at no extra charge to allow you to benefit from. Take advantage of it, IT’S FREE!!!

3) As we begin this week and start doing payments for May, I want everyone to do a hard reset on the mind. What we mean by this is to have your own “Member’s Creed” to live by, for us. The first things we want in there is this: “If my coach is willing to give me their attention, then I will return the favor. If my coach is giving it their ‘all’ to teach me or coach me on a movement/workout, then I am going to give the same back in hard work.  Lastly, if my coach believes in me then I will trust them and do what they see in me, something I may not yet see in myself.”  We also want you to add to that on your own if you’d like…we would love for you to and even to let us know!

Here we go:

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Snatch

12:00 AMRAP 3 Rounds of -6 Snatches -8 Pushups 3 Rounds of -6 Power Cleans -8 Burpees

Swink Performance 3×5 Front Squat 3×10 Bent Over Rows

Skill:Muscle Ups (practice this AGAIN tomorrow at Open Gym from 4-8pm)

For Time: -400m Run -20 O.H.S. (95/65) -400m Run -20 Push Press -400m Run -20 Hang Cleans -400m Run -20 Deadlifts

This is supposed to be light and to be fast, most likely unbroken!  So, if you go heavier, do so with the same intention to go FAST!


Time to go to work….Monday Monday!

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