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Monday 4-24-17

Well guys, the month is almost coming to a close and before you know it, it’ll be Christmas!

This Wednesday, our buddy Tim from Ascent Protein will be at the gym and taste testing all of the protein for you guys. Don’t take any?! Well, you should be and he’ll tell you why and answer any other questions you may have.

Swink Sweat

4× through each station, 1:00 on, :20 rotation:

-Calorie Bike


-Battle Ropes

-Russian Twists

-Cheer Squat

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility



Odd Rounds:


Even Rounds:

-Hollow Rocks


15:00 EMOTM

1-5 minutes:

-3 Back Squats, 75%

-4 Ring Rows/Strict Chinups

6-10 minutes:

-2 Back Squats, 80%

-4 Ring Rows (harder)/Strict Pullups

11-15 minutes:

-1 Back Squat, 85%

-4 Ring Rows (hardest)/C2B (as strict as possible)

Yay for running!

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