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Monday 4-22-13

Today we get back to lifts, hard work and training full scale. Last week proved some of you can and could go above and beyond the workout. Give it the weight that was given, your first pullups in a workout or actually realizing you’re capable of doing more than you thought!   So here’s to hitting this week hard!  See you all tomorrow and remember tomorrow is the last day to pay for your pre-order shirt. Pre-ordering GUARANTEES we will have a shirt in your size!  If you wrote a size down or want a shirt, you need to come by the gym and pay for your pre-order.

Swink Fundamentals Skill and Technique: Power Clean and Squat Clean

3 Rounds for time: -800m Run -12 Wall Balls

Swink Performance 3×5 Back Squats* 3×10 Bent Over Rows (mixed in between squats)

*Restructure these and find a weight that lets you achieve FULL depth of a squat!  FULL DEPTH!!  🙂

6x150m Sprints

If there’s time: 3 Rounds for time: -8 Chest 2 Bar -8 Wall Balls -8 Burpees


Time to get after again this week….and did you guys know we have a class on Saturday you should be attending!!

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