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Monday 4-2-18

We hope you all had an amazing Easter and we are excited to see you all this week as we get back to another great week of training.

This Friday, we will be doing Keri’s member of the month workout and be on the lookout for our April M.O.M.

Swink Sweat

EMOTM for 12:00

-Odd Rounds: 100ft Bear Crawl

-Even Rounds: 25 Air Squats


-4:00 Abs

-3×10 Back Extensions w/ a hold at top (about 3-5 sec)

Swink Fundamentals

-Groin Mobility (Milli Stretch)


-3×20 Banded Lat Pulldowns

“A little bit of cardio”

Today you are doing the workout with a partner and using 1 rower. You can switch anytime before or at 500m, you guys get to decide.

The goal is max meters. Time is ___.

Buddy buddy

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