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Monday 4-17-17

Don’t forget everyone, no class this Saturday as we will be in town doing the Rowdy Runners 5K. We would love you all to join us. The race begins at 8:30am and they’re usually on time. Check in the day of, which I’m sure you can also sign up on the day of as well, begins at 7:45-8:15am. Come on out and wear your Swink gear!

Swink Sweat


-Calorie Row

-Hanging Leg Lifts

-MedBall Clean and Press

-Band kick backs

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


3 Sets of:

-4 Tempo Back Squats, 22X1, @70-75%

-15 Tough Ring Rows + Max Hold at chest

5 Sets of:

5×10 sec Sprints, 10 sec rest

-Row, increasing the damper setting by 2 than your normal setting. The focus is on power, speed AND keeping form!

Rest 2:00 between sets

The faces during an L-Sit…

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