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Monday 4-11-16

Last week was a great first week of combining the Fundamentals and Performance classes into one and then the addition to all the extra “Performance” work on the side. Also, the 8am class on Saturday morning was a hit….if by hit we mean a fun challenge!

Reminder that Saturday at 8am is a go and showing up on time is a must because of the amount of work we get done. We also spent the first 20 or so minutes rolling out/doing mobility.

Finally, SFH (Stronger Faster Healthier) will be at the gym tomorrow evening sampling all of their products, some of if not the highest quality protein, pre workout, fish oil and now Creatine out there. It’s also the cleanest, not filled with soy, artificial sweetners or colors or ingredients. That’s a very hard statement to say these days.

Swink Sweat -8:00 to find a deadlift weight

27-21-15-9, 20:00 cutoff -Double Under attempts -Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Strength: -Build to 5 Rep Back Squat, will be roughly about 80-85% of your heaviest 1 rep…but will not be a 5 Rep Max.

EMOTM for 5:00 -5 Back Squats Rest 2:00 Every 2:00 OTM for 8:00 -3 Back Squats, same weight -5 Pullups/Strict Pullups -7 Burpees

Core: 3 Sets of: -15 GHD Situps -30sec Plank

Swink Performance Before or after Fundamentals -Find tough 3 Rep, touch in go, Power Clean*

*do NOT allow the feet to jump wide, do NOT catch it without the elbows high and pointing forward. Weight should allow for proper form, not override it.

-Use same weight, do 5×2 unbroken Split Jerks

2 Rounds for Max Reps, rest as needed: -1:00 Pullups -1:00 WallBalls -1:00 Calorie Row


Who else is excited about Monday!!??

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