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Monday 3-9-15

3rd week of the Open is here and it seems as though we have seen so many movements already.  Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Chest 2 Bar, etc.

So, what’s left?!  Double Unders for sure!  This week we are almost certain they are going to show up in 15.3. That means this Thursday at 5:30pm, before the announcement, we will be doing a workshop on Double Unders. Need some improvement, be there. Seasoned veteran, be there.  Continuing your learning is the best way to progress.  See you there.

Also, don’t forget this Thursday at 7pm we will watch the announcement of 15.3 at the gym. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to come out!  Then, Friday night, we’ll run heats starting at 5:30pm so be there to cheer on and participate in 15.3.

Now, something we as your coaches we’d like to go over with you. The Open is great. It’s a way to test your fitness against your previous year, month, week, etc. Every time we walk into the gym we aim to be better versions of ourselves, stronger, fitter and healthier.

Having said all that, our minds make those decisions for us. It holds our motivation, our determination and our will. The key isn’t unlocking it. Most people want to be healthier. Most people want to be stronger or faster. However, the key is not letting your mind get in the way of all of those things. The mind is a cruel and fascinating thing. It can get you to the gym with more motivation than you thought you could possess and then once there, it can stop you dead in your tracks with negativity. What we are trying to say is, get your mind out of the way of your body.

In the past two weeks we’ve seen three of some of the most technical/difficult movements in the Open. Toes 2 Bar, Chest 2 Bar and Overhead Squats. DO NOT let them defeat you. Do not let your mind sink into a hole of negativity. Use it as fuel!

Want to be better at something? PRACTICE!! No one got better at something by wishing for it.

Want to be healthier? DO IT! Excuses are heard everyday, we hear most of them. We cannot give you answers to all your questions, we don’t know them all. If you need to eat better, let us help you get an idea of what to try and then YOU are responsible for giving your all. We see you 1 hour out of the day, you have 23 other hours to screw it up or make it right. You choose.

Needless to say, we are very proud of you all for signing up for the Open, #1, and #2, for taking on these challenges head on. Every single one of you is killing the Open. Congrats you guys.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength Maintenance: -3×5 Back Squats @70-75%

2 Workouts,1 for Rounds, 1 for time: 12:00 AMRAP -50 Cal Row Buy In Then, AMRAP with remaining time of: -3 Power Cleans (165/125) -6 Bar Facing Burpees -9 WallBalls (20/14) Once time expires: -50 Calorie Row for time


We used the snow….it worked.

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