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Monday 3-25-13

What a humbling experience 13.3 was and we are proud of everyone who attempted it on Friday, registered for thw Open or not!  We have 2 more weeks of this, 13.4 & 13.5, and we would love for everyone to come out and support us in what we are doing as a community,  especially on 13.5. We want to go out with a bang on the last one and need everyone there to help cheer us on!

Swink Fundamentals 5×5 Back Squat

Skill: Kipping

“Broken Cindy” -5 Pullups -10 Pushups -15 Squats Rest :10 sec between rounds

Swink Performance 3×5 OHS 5×3 Cleans (+5lbs)

In 10:00, -2000m Row -Ground 2 OH with remaining time (95/65) for reps!!!

Trevor and Nick getting after the 150 Wall Balls in 13.3!

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