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Monday 3-2-15

It’s a new month!!!  We are excited to continue into a month where the Open is basically every Thursday! 

Remember, every Thursday starting at 7:00pm, come on up to the gym to watch the Open announcement. There, you can ask questions, test run the workout if you’d like, and get some tips/tricks to hopefully help out your workout when you tackle it.

Update!!!  Did you guys know we do contracts for 3, 6 and 12 month time periods?  Most of you have been with us for longer than 3 months and are most likely (hopefully!) will be with us for another. By signing up for a contract, you not only get the piece of mind of not forgetting to pay your membership and the motivation to go, but your monthly charges are cheaper. Ask us how we can make your charges cheaper each month. We also have up front payment options for 6 and 12 month terms.

Update #2!!  If anyone plans to come to our 5:30am and/or 6:30am classes, we’d like for you to try and use your Chalkbucket Labs account to reserve a class.  This helps us by know who, if anyone, will be in the class.

Update 3!! Most of the classes over the next 4 weeks will more than likely be mixed level. This way, we can address as many skills/techniques as possible with all of you. Just letting you all know.

Last but not least…DONT FORGET TO PUT IN YOUR SCORES FOR 15.1!!!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Double Unders -Thrusters

20:00 AMRAP -30 Cal Row -10 Thrusters* -30 Double Unders

*First 5:00 of Thrusters (45/35) Second 5:00 of Thrusters (75/55) Third 5:00 of Thrusters (95/65) Final 5:00 of Thrusters (115/75)


This is on the new Swink gear! Get your shirt quick before they’re all gone!

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