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Monday 3-12-18

Well guys, daylight savings means it’ll be bright this Friday for 18.4! This Friday night we will Airrosti in the building as well as the TooFit supplement guys. They we’re coming out this past Friday but had a schedule mix up and will be here this Friday instead. Again, their Vanilla Cinnamon protein is something you HAVE to taste.

If you have not yet, put your 18.3 scores in. Also, if you have not yet done 18.3, please let us (a coach) know when you’re coming in to do the workout. We would like to know because you need a judge and if no one is there who is able to judge, we need to know if we will need to schedule you after a class.

Swink Sweat

“Rowing Helen”

3 Rounds For Time:

-500m Row

-21 Swings

-12 Pullups

*If you did this workout the other day, there will be another option for you.

Swink Fundamentals

-Calf Smash/Ankle Mobility


Back Squats:

Warm up sets:

-3×5, 1 @40% 1 @50% 1 @60%

Working sets:

-1×5 @75%

-1×3 @85%

-1×AMRAP @95%


-Handstand Pushups

2 Rounds For Max Reps:

-1:00 Max HSPU

-1:00 Max Box Jumps

-1:00 Max Deadlifts, (225/165)

Deadlifts in 18.4?? We’ll see…

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