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Monday 2-1-16

What an eventful weekend. First, Saturday night what a fun time we had and thanks again to Doug and Michelle for hosting us at their house and even feeding us….those steaks!  Then today was great to see a very amazing couple get one step closer to a goal they’ve had since joining us at Swink. It’s amazing when we can all come together for events like this and we are excited for next month’s events.

The one coming quickly, the CrossFit Open!  We really want all of your participation in this and we are doing something new this year. We are doing our own leaderboard and competing within our own classes/age groups/genders. We’ll also have a “Fittest at Swink” for the top Male and Female. This is going to be one fun year hands down.

Swink Intro This is your last week everyone, please try and be here for retest week.

Retest #1 Row Intervals: 6-10 Rounds of 1:00 on/30 sec off -Max Calories

Swink Sweat 4 Rounds of Tabata w/1 min rest -Double Unders/Fast Singles -WallBalls -Situps -Pullups/Ring Rows

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength/Skill: -Split Jerk, Heavy Single -5×3 Back Squats @75%

For Time: -1:00 Handstand Hold -15 AbMat Situps, weighted -20 Box Jumps -15 AbMat Situps, weighted -1:00 Handstand Hold

Core: -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions -2/side Weighted Side Planks, 45 sec

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength: -Clean and Jerk, Heavy Single -Front Squat, 80%×2, 85%×2, 3×2 @90%

6:00 Total Reps -2:00 Max Calories -2:00 Max Thrusters (95/65) -2:00 Max Pullups

Core: -3×10 Weighted Hip Extensions -2/side Weighted Side Planks, 45 sec


Let’s get you signed up!

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