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Monday 12-4-17

December means the Christmas party is only a couple of weeks away! Also, hope you guys are really giving your all to get this 100,000m challenge done. By now, you would need at least 32,258 to be on track to finish, which is about 3,200 a day. If you go for a 2 mile run, that’s your 3,200 right there. Now, go play some catch up.

Swink Sweat

2:00, then 4:00, then 6:00 AMRAP w/2:00 rest between each

-14 DB Snatch

-12 Full-body crunch

-10 Hand-release Pushups

Swink Fundamentals

-Quad Smash

Every 3:00 on the minute for 15:00:

-5 OHS, plus 5-10lbs more than last week

-8-10 Tempo Ring Rows


-Turkish get-ups

15:00 AMRAP

-1 Crab Walk, 60ft

-3 Turkis G.U. per arm, RX(40/25)

-15 Unbroken Deadlifts, RX (185/125)


-100 Weighted AbMat Situps, as few sets as possible

Lifting is fun, ya!?

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