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Monday 12-18-17

Well guys, the Christmas party was a success and we had so much fun with you all there. Again, we cannot thank you all enough for our gift and we are so excited to use it! That party for us is something we always look forward to and we’re glad you all decided to spend your night with us.

Now, on to some things coming up. This coming week being Christmas, we have a slight change in the normal schedule. Next Monday we will obviously be closed as well as Tuesday, the 26th. We appreciate everyone for understanding and we apologize if it causes any inconvenience.

Also, we’re getting ready to get a New Year’s weight loss program going but we are going to be asking you all some questions as to what you would like to see with it/included. This will not be a half in/half out program and we only want people to take part if they plan to commit to it completely. Also, because of that, there will be just a small fee attached to it. Just something to be thinking about as we start rolling it out.

Swink Sweat

Tabata Stations:

-MB Slams

-T2B/Knee Raises/Pikes


-Hip Extensions

-DB/Bar Thrusters

Swink Fundamentals

-Overhead/Thoracic Mobility


-Snatch Balance

We have been working the OHS positioning for a number of weeks and now it’s time to take the next step with the ultimate goal of being better/more sound for the Snatch. If you still need a box to work on your position, don’t hesitate to use it.

-4×3 OHS, first rep has to be a Snatch Balance, find a challenging weight by the end of the 4th set

EMOTM for 10:00

Odd Rounds:

-8 Heavy Thrusters

Even Rounds:

-15 Tough Ring Rows, the best form you can achieve but still making them tough. No hip use during these.


-50 Hanging Tempo Knee Raises, 2121

Look at all those cool kids!

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