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Monday 12-11-17

Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re ready to get after it today. Make sure to check up the write up for our new Member of the Month for December. She’s definitely a keeper 😊.

Also, don’t forget that THIS SATURDAY IS OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY. Be there people, be there.

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds of:

-200m Sprint

-15 WallBalls

-10 Pullups

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

Strength (15:00):

-5×5 OHS, plus 5-10lbs more than last week

-3×12-15 KB Rows per arm, on a bench

6:00 AMRAP:

-800m Run, then with remaining time,

-15 KB/DB Russian Swings, RX (53/35)

-10 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)

Rest 2:00

6:00 AMRAP:

-800m Run, then with remaining time,

-50ft OH KB/DB Lunges, right, RX (53/35)

-50ft OH KB/DB Lunges, left

-10 Burpees

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