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Monday 12-1-14

It’s December!!! 

New month, new challenges, same hard work!

We have some schedule updates as this holiday season rolls around so please make sure to read all our posts.

Dec. 12th – Friday, no evening class, Coach Betsy graduates!

Dec. 13th – Saturday, Christmas Party!!!!  The invite is on facebook, check the Swink CrossFit page.

Those are the few as of now.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: Power Snatch (Wednesday we will go over Squat


10:00 AMRAP -6 Power Snatches -18 Double Unders

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -Take 20:00-ish to work to a heavy single on Front Squat *We also will be doing Squat Snatch on Wednesday so try to be there

Skill: -Kipping/Butterfly Pullups

6:00 AMRAP -5 Thrusters -5 Pullups

Oh it’s on!

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