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Monday 11-9-15

Testing is done. Time to start focusing on the next event and that for us is the CrossFit Open. This is in February-March of 2016. Getting ready for this just means trying to be as versatile as possible, as skilled as possible and as strong as possible.

This means we will be training you on movements that you may necessarily not like and making sure the program has plenty of practice for them. This also means we’d love for you to take some of the initiative to practice these after class, during Open Gym and ask for help when you need it.

Also, we will have a “on the side” lifting program & workout for anyone wanting to add to this training. This is because 1 hour is never enough time for what we’d love to get done. Sometimes it would take longer, which we don’t have that luxury during class. However, for those who are able to come twice, come in early or stay a bit later, there will be an opportunity for you all to get a little extra work in. Sometimes it will be lifts, other times an extra workout. It will be called “Extra Credit”

Finally, this Saturday, the guys are making a trip to Dallas. All the guys at Swink are welcome and encouraged. We are headed to a gym called Obstacle Warriors that is place based on the tv show, Ninja Warrior. Come on and join us! Also…the best part….glow in the dark dodgeball!

Swink Intro -LaCrosse Ball introduction cont. -Review Squat

Skill: -MedBall Front Squat -Jumprope

3 Rounds of: -400m Run -50 Singles -20 MedBall Front Squats

Core: -3×1:00 Planks

Swink Sweat Skill: -Thruster

Complete the following: -6×10 Thrusters Rest 30 sec between sets

-6×10 Tough Ring Rows/Pullups Rest 30 sec between sets

-6×10 Burpees Rest 30 sec between sets

Rest 2:00 between movements

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×5 Back Squats, tough 5 weight -3×3 Strict Press, tough 3 weight

For Max Reps: -2:00 Max Pushups -2:00 Max Double Unders -2:00 Max Hanging Leg Raises

Core: -4×15 Hip Extensions

Swink Performance -Glute Strength -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -5×3 Back Squats @75% -5×3 Jerk @75%

For Time: -50 Double Unders -30 Burpees to a target 6″ above highest reach -50 Double Unders

Core: -4×15 Hip Extensions


We shall meet again, Warped Wall…

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