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Monday 11-6-17

Well November is here and the holidays are full steam ahead. There is nothing like the holiday season to derail all of your hard work. Having said that, stay focused, eat right and train hard and your body will thank you.

As with every month, we have a new Member of the Month this month so be sure to look out for our write up later today.

Swink Sweat

6 Rounds of: :20 DB Kneeling Press (R) :20 DB Kneeling Press (L) :20 Butt burns (R) :20 Butt burns (L) :40 Burpees :20 Rest

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


Every 3:00 OTM for 4 Rounds

-3 Tempo Back Squats*, 55X2

*you all should now have a good number to go off of from last Friday, so today you’re using around 65-75% for today’s squats.

-8-12 DB Kneeling Presses/arm

For Time (12:00 cutoff)

-30 OHS, RX (75/55) RX+(115/80)

-30 Bar Facing Burpees

-30 Power Cleans, same weight


-3×Max Strict t2b/Max Pikes

Monday’s are always a good time!

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