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Monday 11-28-16

Welcome back from Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you all had a great time with friends and family over the break and of course, hope you enjoyed the food!

This Saturday, a handful of us are doing a small fundraising competition in Dallas. We would invite you all to come and cheer us on, but it’s a 6 mile “scavenger hunt” type event. It’ll start at one gym and continue through Dallas as we stop at multiple gyms along the way and finish up at CrossFit Dallas Central.

You’re all welcome to come join us there of course. More info for those interested at the gym, just ask us.

Swink Sweat

24:00 AMRAP

-4 Pushups

-8 Split Squats, right

-8 Split Squats, left

-12 Calorie Row

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength


EMOTM for 5:00

-3 Back Squats, 92.5% of 10RM

5 Rounds, not for time, but not slow!

-20 Pullup Hold Flutter Kicks, right into

-30 sec Bar Hang

-15 Curl and Press, heavy DB

-15/12 Pushups, not fast but as strict as possible

Don’t forget, if you’d like this shirt, please pre-order one to make sure you get your size by Tuesday!

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