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Monday 11-27-17

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/holiday. We hope you all enjoyed your family and friends, but hope you want to get back to some training even more!

Today we have some goodies for you, ya know, to get that turkey off…

Swink Sweat

This workout we used to do before we ever had any equipment. We called it “The Fuzz” mainly because we would go eat Fuzzys afterwards…so ya know you got a good workout in before having queso!

“The Fuzz”

5 Rounds of:

-200m Run

-10 Single arm DB Swings/arm

-20 Out-in-up

-30 Air Squats

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring/LowBack Mobility


-5×5 OHS, add 5-10lbs total to last week’s weight

-5× up to 30sec Hangs from pullup bar, pullup grip

3 Rounds For Time

-1000m Row

-30 DB Snatches, RX (50/35)

*goal here is to be at about 85% max effort on the row so that way you can attempt to go unbroken on the DB Snatches. Minimize rest/transitions and get out of your own head when it tells you to A) choose a lighter weight (unless you just cannot do the reps at the recommended weight) and B) put that weight down. Be aggressive and let there be no wasted effort.

The Open is coming…

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