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Monday 11-21-16

Alrighty everyone, Thanksgiving week is here! Who’s ready to get their grub on later this week?!

We’re making sure you get in a good workout before hand. Come in Thursday morning, 9am, as we will be doing 1 large group class open for everyone, including Sweat!!! It’ll be fun, so be there.

Also, Friday following Thanksgiving, we will not have class but will have Open Gym that evening. Class on Saturday morning is still on.

Remember, renew your contracts in order to be entered into our giveaway! Know someone who is interested in joining us, now is the time. Send them our way so they can be entered as well.

Swink Sweat

Every 3:00 on the minute for 18:00

-200m Run

-10 Burpees to a target

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


EMOTM for 5:00

-4 Back Squats, @85% of 10RM

For Time:

-30 Wall Walks, RX (40)


-4×30sec Weighted Planks

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