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Monday 10-7-13

As we start a new week of challenges and a new “Home-Work” workout, we ask something of you: We need everyone to give something up that is not a part of a healthy diet. Just one thing. Whether it be sodas, sweet tea or chips and salsa, make it one thing that is constant in your diet that you know you should do without. Just do one thing for now, because a change is a change no matter how big or small.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Gymnastics Work and Strength (Because being able to move your body around effortlessly is a must, CrossFit or not. And frankly, everyone can always use some bodyweight skill and strength) -Kipping/Butterfly practice -3×5 Strict Pullups (weighted if needed)

-Kipping Ring Dip practice -3×5 Strict Dips (weighted if needed)

-Weighted Side and Front Planks (if time allows)


Hope you guys are ready for the week like Coach Betsy is!

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