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Monday 10-3-16

Team Series week 2 begins this week! Hope everyone is excited and getting their team schedules ready. Remember, the workouts (it may be 3-4 workouts needed to be done within 1 week) will be released Tuesday night, so start corralling your team.

Swink Sweat

12:00 AMRAP

-15 Calorie Row

-12 Box Jumps

-9 Pushups

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

-Glute Strength


-Kipping HSPU

For Max Reps:

2 Rounds of

-2:00 Max HSPU, RX (flat mat)

-2:00 rest

-2:00 Max Back Squats RX (225/155)

-2:00 rest


-3×Max Kipping Toes 2 Bar

Found a selfie stick…

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