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Monday 10-16-17

Time to get back to some good ol’ training today. Also, keep in mind, the CrossFit Open is a little over 4 months away….it’ll be here before you know it. In case you’re considering not doing it or thinking it’s not for you….GUESS AGAIN!

Swink Sweat

4 Rounds

2:00 -10 CalorieBike -AMRAP DB Box Squats

2:00 Rest

2:00 -10 Burpees -AMRAP AbMat Situps

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


Same as last weeks

Every 2:00 for 6 Rounds:

-3 Tempo Back Squats, 33X1, add 5-10lbs more than last week

-Max time Chinup hold, no more than 30sec, can be weighted.

As far as possible in 10:00 of:

-15 WallBalls

2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

-Clean & Jerks, RX (155/115)


-Accumulate 3:00 L-sit

This lady has been a streak lately!

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