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Monday 1-29-18

Ready to kick this week off everyone!? Good! But, first, let’s all get signed up for this year’s Open. Just go to to get signed up and make sure you choose Swink as your gym. In case you’re wondering and for those who don’t know yet, we are splitting the gym in half and putting together #TeamBlack and #TeamGrey and have a point system that leaves one team a victor at the end of 5-weeks. So get yo butt signed up.

Swink Sweat

5 Rounds of:

:30 sec on, :30 sec off

-MB Squat Cleans


-Battle Ropes

-Full Body Crunches/GHD Situps

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


Bringing back the Back Squats people!!

Pay attention to this as we have to a specific set of numbers to go by

Today, you are taking 90% of your 1RM and that will be your working weight number. So, if my 1RM is 100lbs, my working weight number is 90lbs (100lbs × .9 = 90lbs). From there, that is the number you will take all your percentages from.

Warm up sets are:

-1×5 @40%

-1×5 @50%

-1×5 @60%

These sets must be done. Don’t skip these.

Strength sets are:

-1×5 @65%, 1×5 @75%, 1×Max Reps @85%

If you have no 1RM to go off of, please use your BEST judgement and the guidance of your coach to help you choose a number based off of your strengths/weaknesses and use that number from here on out, until we hit a NEW 1RM.

In addition to this hopefully not confusing set of squats, you have:

-5×2 Snatch, use roughly 65-75% and these are unbroken. If you don’t have a %, again, use your best judgement and guidance of your coach.

-5× up to5 Strict HSPU + 5 Kipping HSPU


-5× 10 modifies HSPU (knees or toes on a box)

*Strict/modified HSPU has a 3 sec negative with it

-3×12-15 Seated DB/KB Strict Press

Perfect pikes right thuuur!

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