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Monday 1-22-18

I guess it’s about that time that we start this….you should sign up for the Open at

Yes, you’re doing it. Yes, we care that you step outside your comfort zone. Yes, you can still do a workout that has a movement or a weight that you’re not yet capable of doing. It’s more than an online competition, it’s a HUGE community builder.

Having said that, we always have done a large group get together on Friday nights for us all to cheer each other on while doing these workouts. The schedule for those Fridays are:

-Feb. 23

-Mar. 2

-Mar. 9

-Mar. 16

-Mar. 23

If you’re able to clear your schedule to be there, we would love it! You have been given a months time for a heads up.

Swink Sweat

Tabata for each:




-DB Press

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder/Thoracic Mobility


EMOTM for 10:00

-1 Snatch, starting at @60-70% but going no heavier than 80-90%


-Half Burpees, more on this tomorrow


-Row Sprints


-Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, RX (95/65)

We’ll never forget the snow-pocalypse of 2018...

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