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Memorial Day murph

Guys, this time of year is always an exciting time for us because we always like challenging ourselves with the workout, Murph. For anyone who is not familiar with Murph, it is:

-1 Mile Run

-100 Pullups

-200 Pushups

-300 Air Squats

-1 Mile Run

*wearing a vest if capable

This year, as you all know, Covid-19 has thrown the biggest monkey wrench in our plans with the closing of so much, including our gym. However, we love this time of year and want to continue tradition, but you all have to understand, the limitations you are about to read that we are putting in place for Murph are TRULY for everyone's safety.

#1. We are running 2 heats this year so we can stay within the guidelines of the 25% occupancy rule. Heat 1 will be at 9am with a maximum of 20 spots. Heat 2 will be at 11am with a maximum of 20 spots. Unfortunately, this year we cannot allow drop ins as we would could not control the amount of spaces. We just ask you reserve your spot so we can staff coaching accordingly (whether we need more than 1).

#2. We know there may be pushback on this, but understand again, we are doing this for safety and safety alone. No vests during any of the Pullups, Pushups, or Air Squats. You may run with your vest, but please understand that we have no way of knowing if you have done the volume required for your body to take on this amount of reps, let alone with added weight.

#3. The repetitions MUST be partitioned. We are giving 2 options and 2 options only. Doing reps unpartitioned is also a way we are able to control your volume and intensity. Option #1: Option #2

20 Rounds of: or 10 Rounds of:

-5 Pullups -10 Pullups

-10 Pushups. -20 Pushups

-15 Squats -30 Squats

#4. Strict Pullups only. You can use a band for Strict Pullups or do Jumping Pullups, but there will be no kipping allowed this year, for safety. Ring Rows of course are allowed. However, if bands are needed or jumping is needed, we highly encourage a lower rep count for the Pullups.

#5. You will have many options to come get a workout in on that day that are similar to Murph. Half Murph, A portion of Murph, partner Murph, etc.

#6. Again, we just want you all to know that this is all for your safety and to keep you guys from an overuse injury that could creep up. Love you all and hope to see you all here for a good sweat session.

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