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Member of the Month – September

My man Shane never gives up…even when tired.

You would be hard pressed to find someone more tenacious, dedicated and relentless than Shane Moore.  Swink has always believed in the mantra “Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday,” and Shane is a testament to that.  Shane works at Associated Air Center as a Airframe and Power Plant Technician.  He drives to Dallas early every morning, working 10-12 hour days sometimes, even on weekends, and yet he STILL comes to the gym every day free of complaints, whining or excuses.  He gives it 110% on every single workout, regardless of how he feels outside the gym.  Since coming to Swink, he has completely changed his lifestyle to incorporate the healthiest options for his body, and his physical transformation shows how rewarding such a change can be.  Besides his determination during workouts, he is also one of the most selfless gym members we have.  Shortly after workouts, you can find him putting up chalk buckets, picking up other people’s weights, or tidying up equipment.  Shane completely embodies the type of spirit we want at Swink, inside and outside the gym.  He was a no-brainer for our September member of the month!  Look out for a workout at the end of the month in honor of him!

Now here’s some fun facts about Shaner from the man himself:

How long have you been at Swink? October 14 will be 2 years

What made you first decide to come to Swink? Seeing my wife’s amazing progress in her first few months, plus I never saw her because y’all stole her from me!!

What’s your favorite thing about Crossfit? I can go on and on about this especially if we are going to talk about Swink. The support, the family feeling, the friendships I have made, the training, the gym itself, the positive environment, being around people acomplishing  their dreams or doing something they never thought they could do, and knowing that there are at least a few people as crazy as yourself out there doing, from the outside looking in, what you would call crazy!

What’s your favorite movement/workout? I like to row, jump rope, and move all the weights!

Least favorite? Thrusters, push ups, and pull ups.

What’s your favorite clean eating/Paleo meal or snack? Coconut chicken my wife makes and sweet potatoes.

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Sweets(donuts, brownies, cake, and ice cream) or a good hamburger

What advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Hang in there, never give up and focus on being the best version of “you” you can be!

Inspirational Quote: “You can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.”

I Swink because I want to be a better version of me, today, than I was yesterday!

Keep up all your hard work Shane, we’re proud of who you’ve become!

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