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Member of the Month – September

Unless you’re a coach, it’s hard to really understand how involved and invested you become in your athletes. It’s honestly more exciting to see one of your members accomplish something than it is to accomplish something yourself! So it is even more rewarding when members invest just as much in you as you do them. A relationship between a coach and an athlete is rarely equal in terms of commitment, but when it is, it makes us as coaches want to push and work that much harder to help you reach your goals.

The relationship between Fanny Burrow, our September member of the month, is exactly like the one we mentioned. It is impossible not to give this girl 110% of your time and effort, working with her to push herself to new limits, because she gives 110% in us. She is so committed to making herself better with the help of Swink, and in return, we are inevitably so committed to helping her progress and continue with her achievements. She is the type of athlete who gives you chills as a coach when she finally breaks through a barrier, or reaches a new limit for herself because you KNOW how hard she worked to get there! She’s so committed, she will text the coaches every single night that she’s not there to explain why…and she always has damn good reasons! It’s hard to keep this one away from her Sweat class!

So proud of you, Fanny. Keep showing ’em how it’s done! Read more about this lady in her own words below:

My name is Fanny and probably the oldest member at Swink at the age of 57 and probably have been at Swink the longest. Started at Swink when It was “boot camp” and have seen Andres’ dream come true. I may not be as fast and as strong as the younger ones, but I can hang with them. I have two children who have gone through some difficult times, but we are family and will always be there for one another. I have three grandchildren who mean the world to me and being able to hang with them on the playground or running a 5K with them shows them that taking care of yourself at any age pays off. I have a full time job as an Office Manager an Assistant to the President of Rone Engineering. Long and stressful days make up my work week and sometimes the weekend, but thanks to Swink I have balance in my life.

What’s your favorite thing about Swink?

My favorite thing about Swink is the relationships/friends that I have made. We work hard, but laugh a lot.

What’s your favorite movement?

My favorite movement (and no one is going to believe this) burpees!

What’s your least favorite?

Everyone knows my least favorite “wall balls”. I struggle with these, but I am getting better.

What’s your favorite clean eating meal/snack?

Favorite clean meal/snack – Grilled chicken breast and veggies on the grill

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Favorite cheat meal – Mexican food and margaritas

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

My advice – Two more minutes will not kill you and I am proof of that. Once you start working out at Swink, you don’t want to miss. It becomes a part of you.

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