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Member of the Month – November


Kid is moving better and better, it’s insane!

It is always exciting to see those around you work harder, get faster, and just overall be stronger.  It is even more exciting to see the youth of our community do so! Tiatan Clark, son of some of our favorite Swinkers, Karrie and Cashan, is an absolutely outstanding example of how fitness and health can influence you even at a young age.  Tiatan is in 8th grade at Frank Seale Middle School.  He plays football, spends time with his friends and family (including Swink siblings Tavin and Khloe), and comes to Swink whenever his busy schedule allows. He does NOT let his age hold him down.  He does every single workout (sometimes two a day!) with vigor and tenacity.  He gives some of us old kids a run for our money! He has been improving each day he comes to Swink, in part because of his athletic background, but more so because of his commitment and determination to doing well.  Tiatan is a wonderful role model for kids, teenagers, and adults, and he is a great member of the month for TEAM SWINK!


That determination…

How long have you been at Swink? 2 years

What made you first decide to come to Swink? I wanted to get better, faster and STRONGER

What’s your favorite thing about Swink? How the coaches are willing to work with me and take time to make me work hard to be better.  I feel like the coaches and people really care about me.


What’s your favorite movement/workout?  Clean

Least favorite? Overhead Squat

What’s your favorite clean eating/Paleo meal or snack? Grilled Chicken Salad

What’s your favorite cheat meal?  Campuzanos World Famous Nachos

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink? It is 100% worth it.

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