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Member of the Month – November

Get it girl!

We adore and appreciate every single gym member. But some members have a very special place in our hearts because we consider them the “Founding Fathers” or rather “Mamas” or really, in this person’s case, “Hot Mamas” of Swink. Rebecca Ortiz is one of these members, which is one of the many reasons she is our Swink November MOM!

Rebecca (Becca) has done it all at Swink. She has been with us since the beginning, and has supported and strengthened the gym since our opening. Becca is one of those people you can call in the middle of the night and she will be there to help, no questions asked. This selfless and supportive attitude translates into her as a member at Swink. She is always cheering on her teammates in Swink Sweat, and she’s the type to run one last lap so the last person doesn’t have to run alone. Oh, and did we mention she is relentless in workouts?! You have to tell her to stop if she’s sick or injured, because she doesn’t know the word “quit!” We are honored, proud , and GRATEFUL to have you as a Swink legend, Becca! Here is some words of wisdom from our MOM!

“Before Swink, my version of working out was Aerobics with Jane Fonda on my bedroom floor. (no laughing, please!) That all changed in 2012.

Walking into SWINK four years ago was probably the BEST thing I ever did for myself, of course with a little nudge from my sister in law (X-Tina). I had always been nervous about joining any gym, though this one was very different. Upon walking in, I immediately felt welcomed and the sense of a place where everybody was treated like old friends and family. I have many things to Thank SWINK for, my health, my friends but most of all my sexiness! (a little bit of my humor)”

This is an old picture rom our last location….she’s still going strong!

What is your favorite thing about SWINK?

I enjoy walking in a seeing the many faces that are there to do the same thing I’m there for, TO SWEAT! And to be able to do that with Friends and Family by your side cheering you on and pumping you up to do your best.

What is your favorite movement/workout?

My favorite movement is ROWING (now that I don’t flop around like a dying fish out of water) Thanks MEG! And I also enjoy our partner workouts in SWINK SWEAT.  I like the feeling of pushing each other to bring out the very best in us.

What is your least favorite movement?

Turkish Get Ups.  I mean really? I’m not trying to be a acrobat in Cirque du Soleil (what is this movement anyways?!?) ;o)

What is your favorite clean meal?

Grilled Salmon, hands down! Favorite snack? Any kind of fresh fruit.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Definitely, Pizza!

What advice would I give to the new person at Swink?

Don’t be nervous, have an open mind, do what you can and get ready to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! The coaches at SWINK are very motivating and really care about helping you hit your goals on your time.  So it’s like working out with best friends and family. Your going to get the results you put into it!

Thank you All (with my pageant wave)

High kick and she’s out!

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