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Member of the Month – May

You’ll be hard pressed to find a guy as loveable, inspiring, and encouraging as our May Member of the Month, Mike Hatcher.  This guy has had an absolutely amazing transformation since he started at Swink…in so many ways! He is truly a testament to the addage of how hard work pays off. He gives it 110% in the gym every time he walks through those doors, so much so that us veterans have a hard time keeping up with him! And he has literally the BEST attitude with each workout. No complaining, only laughs and encouragement. We are so grateful to have this guy at our gym and in our lives overall. Now read a little more about this party animal! Congrats Mike!

My names Mike and I like to party…

 I’m a Graphic Designer at Rally Sportswear and really enjoy what i do. I get to make art all day everyday and get paid for it! Ive been married to my amazing wife Lauren for almost 7 years but we have been together for 13. I have a perfect angel of a dog-son Gunner, but we are expecting a real life human-daughter in July. Im not sure I’m ready for that yet but I’m gonna do my best.

    I joined Swink in February, 2016. Andre had been trying to get me to try it out for 3 or 4 years prior but I always came up with excuses why not to come. But Lauren and I decided to try it out and it was life changing for the both of us. Besides being more active and stronger, I realized all of the bad food I was putting into my body and the impact it was having on me. I have currently lost 60 lbs, gained a huge amount of confidence in myself, and have improved both mentally and physically.

   I could never thank  Andre, Betsy, Meg, Greg, Trevor, LeAnne, Joe and my fellow Swink members enough for the open welcoming and great support I have received! If anyone has any doubts about joining or attending a class, just give it a try.

What is your favorite thing about Swink?

I really love the family atmosphere and support. I know that I will always have support no matter if its workout related or if i have a personal problem. The coaching staff and fellow members are always there to help you no matter what. 

What’s your favorite movement/workout?

I LIKE TO RUN FAST!!! So probably 200m runs. I also like to deadlift, and have recently started to get good at hand stand pushups and hand stand walks and like those a lot too.

What’s your least favorite?

Wallballs and Thrusters for sure! Something about those two movements makes my mind not want to push as hard as I know I can.

What’s  your favorite clean meal/snack?

I really like breakfast. I make a sweet potato hash a lot with sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and sausage. I could eat sweet potatoes for every meal!

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Chick Fila! But I end up eating it more than once a week…which now Andre probably knows…

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

Stick with it and don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help! The first 3 weeks I started at swink, I dreaded coming to the gym everyday. I kept telling myself i hated it and even came up with excuses why not to attend. But my wife, Andre and the whole gym kept pushing me to come. I started seeing myself change both physically and mentally, which flipped a switch for me in a great way. I started enjoying the struggle, started wanting to do extra work, and hated to even miss one day of workout. The results will come but it takes time. Just keep showing up, be involved, do your best and the rest will follow!

P.S. Team Rojo & Team Black 4 Life!

No Ragrets

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