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Member of the Month – March

When the coaches at Swink are deciding on who should be Member of the Month, one thing we always look for is someone who has truly bettered themselves and made overall improvements in their life; not just someone who comes to the gym a few times a week. The Swink MOM is always someone who is passionate and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. We look for someone who has made improvements not just in workouts, but someone who has embodied what we believe to be the mission of Swink: to be STRONG and work HARD in all aspects of life. Paige Winningham is an obvious choice this month because she has literally come full circle since starting at Swink. The gym is not just a place where she sweats, it is so much more than that. Paige has committed to doing so many things that put her outside her comfort zone, from trying movements and weights she normally wouldn’t, to completely changing her diet and lifestyle to be healthier and stronger. She is so positive and encouraging to others, and is humble and appreciative of the grueling work she puts in. Side note: she has also been KILLING it in workouts, moving steadily up the “leaderboard” every time she steps foot in the gym! It is no doubt due to her relentless commitment and passion. Read more about this little mama below. Congrats on being March MOM, Paige!

So much determination in that face!

My name is Paige Winingham, and I am a hair stylist at Swink Color Bar (the best salon around)! I have a passion for making people feel good about themselves as well as look great! My favorite thing to do in the salon is definitely color! I have a fur child as most of y’all know whose name is Zoey aka Z aka Tiny. On a more serious note, before I found Swink Athletics, it was like I had this constant rain cloud above my head. I was in such a negative place and it was affecting my work and others I cared about. Crossfit has not only turned my frown upside down (literally), but has given me this positive and healthy outlook on life. It’s also introduced me to some of the greatest people who I’m lucky to call my friends/family. I never thought I could be this confident and smiley person, and I’m so glad I am now!

What is your favorite think about Swink?

My favorite thing about Swink is the community. I so look forward to seeing my 9am crew as well as everyone else every day! Definitely a big part of enjoying a workout.

What’s your favorite movement/workout?

I like when we lift heavy things (Snatches and squat cleans)! I also am never mad about running a lil bit!

What’s your least favorite?

I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite, but my biggest struggle this far is wallballs

What’s your favorite clean meal/snack?

My favorite clean meal is the bunless burger stack from HG! Yummmm. My go-to snack is either oatmeal or apples and peanut butter

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal is a nice margarita (y’all already know) and anything fried!

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

I’m not sure what advice I would give to a new Swinker, all it takes is for you to walk in the door and do one workout with us and you’re instantly hooked! There’s something about struggling together that instantly bonds you. There’s nothing but good people in our gym, so you’re in great hands!

She’s giving you a big ol hug!

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