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Member of the Month – June


This guy and his strength…it’s insane!

What are the ingredients to success and rewarding results you ask? Look to our June Swink Member of the Month, Bryan Southard, for the answer. He is the perfect example of what you can accomplish when you combine HARD work and a POSITIVE attitude. This guy works hard in all aspects of life. He has been married for 15 years to his wife, Kathryn, has three kids (Hunter, Garrett and Adalynn), works as EMS Captain for Desoto Fire Department where he’s worked for 15 years, AND he busts his ass every time he comes to the gym…at 5:30 am no less! Did we mention that his positive and encouraging attitude are literally infectious?! If you’re having a down day, go work out next to this guy (if you’ve got the guts!) and we are sure he’ll turn your day around with his big smile and kind words. He’ll probably give you a good laugh, too! Read more about this BA below…especially his advice to new members, because it can apply to all of us! Congrats Capt. Bryan!


What’s your favorite thing about Swink? The People and atmosphere  I have yet to meet a stranger.  Everyone is welcoming, encouraging, and behind you every REP of the way!

What’s your favorite movement/workout? Double Unders / Deadlifts

What’s your least favorite? Burpees

What’s  your favorite clean meal/snack? Grilled Chicken with Squash and Zuchinni

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Pizza, especially the all you can eat buffets.  It takes a special talent to get kicked out of CiCis!

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink? Listen…The coaches are caring and skilled, and can help you reach any goal you want,  if you take the time and listen.


That face!

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