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Member of the Month – July

Kristan Littleton AKA Special K, is one of our longest standing members of Swink.  Her hard work and dedication is evident and should show all those new and old what dedication and commitment to the work will get you.  She will tell you herself how far she has come since she first stepped through those doors.  You know how we talk about that dark place you have to go to in order to get through some workouts?  That place is her comfort zone.  She knows better than anyone how to just put your head down and GRIND. IT. OUT.  And two seconds after she’s beasted a horrible workout, where most of us are gasping for air, she wastes no time in walking over to whoever is next to her to cheer them on and help them finish. 

This lady is hardcore, intense, relentless, but more than anything, she loves every single person at Swink as if they were her family.  Her strong self is impressive, but her sweet spirit and selfless attitude is one we can ALL take notes from.  This lady is our July Member of the Month, but she is honored and appreciated every month at Swink!  Congrats sister!  Here’s a little more from this badass momma!

Hi. My name is Kristan and I am addicted to Swink.  I have been a member for 5 years and have loved every second.  I am a work in progress.  I love to face challenges head on and enjoy a little friendly competition every now and then. I am married to Jason and we will celebrate 18 years this year.  We have 3 very busy kiddos.  Garrett is 15, McKenna is 13, and Sloan is 11.  In my free time (Ha!) I am at Swink as often as I can be.  It is my daily dose of mental clarity and my stress outlet. I also enjoy being crafty- using my embroidery machine, sewing, and any project I have saved on Pinterest .

What is your favorite thing about Swink?

Everything about Swink is real.  Real people, real workouts, real advice and real results .  The coaches and members are my peers, mentors, friends and family.  They are always there to encourage me and push me to believe in myself and push past any limits I may have set for myself.

What are your favorite movements?

Squats – overhead, back or front Double unders  Burpees

What is your least favorite movement?


What is your favorite clean meal?

Grilled salmon and steamed fresh vegetables

What is your favorite cheat meal/snack?

Halo ice cream. I may or may not get one weekly on my trip to the grocery store!

What advice would you give for someone new to Swink?

Know that each day you will walk out of Swink more motivated and confident and ready to come back for more.  Trust the process. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

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