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Member of the Month – July

Steve is one of our fearless 5:30 am members, so he gets extra points right there for putting in the work that time of day. Steve has improved in all areas in the gym. Endurance, strength and overall performance. He sets the bar high for everyone coming in the gym after him and for his fellow earlyriders. His answers to our typical questions can tell you that it’s not luck or good fortune that got him to where he is. It’s hard work, sacrifice and willingness to fail. And it has paid off for you! We can’t wait to see where this next year takes you, Steve!

What is your favorite think about Swink?

The coaches and the athletes. I work out every morning with a great group of people. It seems we all have our strengths and weaknesses that we are all working on to get better every morning. I’m always keeping my eye out for someone that does a movement better then myself to pick up any tips to improve. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to watch someone do a movement the right way. Our class size is also a perk. It seems like we are getting one on one training. The coaches are always upbeat and pushing us to reach our full potential. They always seems to care what you have going on outside of the gym which makes a kid feel special.

What’s your favorite movement/workout?

Call me sick but I kinda like them all. They may not be enjoyable while doing them but when I get done, I feel accomplished. But if I had to pick one, let’s go with squat cleans.

What’s your least favorite?

Least favorite or most frustrating? Is that one in the same? If so, pull ups and double unders.

What’s your favorite clean meal/snack?

Sea food . For sure. Any way, shape, or form. I’ll eat it all!

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A good ole Wisconsin cook out. Burgers, brats, beans, sweet corn, cheese curds (deep fried or not), coleslaw, potato salad, herring, Kringle, and way to many beers all while having a good driveway sit.

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

If you want to get the most out of Swink, get that diet right. I’ve learned this only recently. I did CrossFit for a year, thinking I had good eating habits. I know the number on the scale isn’t the end all be all, but when it’s too high when I started doing CrossFit, I wanted that number lower. I could notice changes in the mirror but the fat wasn’t coming off. It came down and went up and kept that cycle going until recently. My wife did a 21 day fix, shortly after, I joined her in eating clean and it’s been a game changer. I’ve been feeling better in every aspect of life and that scale number is getting close to where I want it. Get that diet right and eat your vegetables dang it!

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